What are Journal Juniors?

Journal Juniors are journals and sketchbooks that are lovingly upcycled from favorite children’s books, storybooks, and other books for creative writing, art, and play experiences for kids and adults!


Are these journals new or used?

Most of our journals are made from previously owned storybooks or Little Golden Books. You may see some marks from being previously owned, but we do our best to search out used books that are still in great shape. In some cases, we have prior-owned brand new books. We’ll add information on CONDITION to each journal, so be sure to check that out when purchasing.

What if I want a journal that is sold out?

Since we handcraft each journal (and not mass produce them), they can sometimes go pretty quickly. If you are interested in a journal that is sold out, reach out to us! We may have the supplies to make that journal again!

Also, be sure to join our news and follow us on social media. We’ll announce when new journals are ready so you can be the first to grab them!

What if I have an idea for a journal, but I don’t see it on your site?

REACH OUT, for sure! We love to hear ideas and may be able to make your dream of a custom journal come to life.

Additionally, we have SO MANY storybooks that aren’t even listed on this site, so if you have a theme, favorite character, or favorite Little Golden Book from childhood, reach out. Chances are, we may have it and be able to handcraft it into a journal for you!

Are you affiliated with these books?

Our books are handcrafted and they are made from a previously purchased item. There is no affiliation with the name, artist, author, or the manufacturer of the image or book.

Our repurposed books are not licensed products; however, they are sold as handmade items according to the “first sale doctrine” (17 U.S.C. § 109(a)) through the United States Supreme Court, which covers copyrighted works the rights to sell, lend, or share their copies without having to obtain permission or pay fees.

Why don’t you ship to California?

We will be shipping to California soon! We’re just working to ensure that we are meeting all the requirements by that state. Stay tuned!